Basement Waterproofing Jobs in Greater Philadelphia

Grate Sump with moisture vapor barrier

Project Manager George S provide the clients with a new Grate - Sump with a moisture vapor barrier on the walls that will direct any future wall leaks down into the Grate-Drain drainage system . We also installed an back up inverter for 25hr protection against pump failure due to a power outage ...

Now this client finally has peace in mind !

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Wall parging

We repointed and skim coated different areas of the basement, soon after we install a moisture vapor barrier on the walls along with the Grate-Drain drainage system . The Grate-Drain will drain the ground water to a dual chambered Grate sumps that can remove up to 4800 gallons per hour from the basement.

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Very wet basement

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Before open Sump pump

Foreman Derek Price led the Jamison team through the rigourous repair. The well area was very small and with the water main running through the middle of it made it even tougher. First they had to seal up a cracks in the foundation of the well area than apply the encapsulation system .
After that the Grate Sump sump pump was installed to pump water out of the old water well area. We also replace the very old open Sump pump on their other side of the basement to reduce smells and odors .

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Before Sump pump

Project Manager Steven Custus came out to do a full Basement inspection and that resulted in a ( Closed) basement waterproofing drainage system that resolved all water related issues. The system included 126 ft. of a sub-floor (French drain ) rested in front of the foundation footer where water would routinely leak called ( Grate-Drain) . The GrateDrain system was placed around the full perimeter of the entire basement with clean-out ports for future inspection of the system . We also installed a moisture vapor barrier on the walls to protect the future finished basement from any wall leaks.

Since the basement was large and water seepage was significant, a Grate-Sump sump was installed which can handle 2400 gallons of water per hour yes 2400 per hour ! The water will be pump away from the foundation and the basement will stay dry .

At Jamison Basement Waterproofing we use the most state of the art Drainage system to ensure all our customers a Dry Basement for the life of the home ..

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Wet Basement

We remove the lower portion of the wall than treated the walls for Mold before applying a moisture vapor barrier ,after that a Grate-Sump sump pump was also installed to pump water draining from the Grate-Drain sub floor Drainage system out of the basement and away from the home. The Grate-Sump is able to pump 2400 gallons of water per hour out of the basement meaning it will keep the basement dry during heavy downpours..

This basement has stayed dry through the recent heavy rains ans the homeowner is very happy! Now the can refinish the basement with peace in mind.

Crew : Foremen Dwight Custus

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Drilling a 2inch hole for new egress drain

We seen this problem all too many times .. So we supplied the homeowners with a new window well drain that drains water from under the egress window directly into the Sump basin we also replaced the existing 1/3hp pump with a new 1/2hp pump and battery back up inverter for 24/7 protection. Than for the last thing we extended their Sump pump discharge line 60 ft under ground to the back of their home ...

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Leaking doorway exit

Our waterproofing specialist Steve Custus talked to the homeowners and ensure them that we could take care of their problem . We at Jamison Basement Waterproofing seen this type of water seepage problem way to many times . Water leaking in from leaky belico doors or from leaking basement exit stair cases .

The solution was simple we wanted to ensure them that no water would ever get pass our Grate -Trench so Foremen Khain Carter installed the Grate Trench across the entire door way . The Grate Trench will channel the water seepage below the slab into our Grate Sump which is one of the worlds leading Sump Pump systems in the industry. The Grate Sump will pump the water out of the home and far away from the foundation , all while keeping the Basement floor dry !

The homeowners came home and thanked us on how clean our installation crew has left their property and how neat the worked looked . Problem solved !!

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