"It has been a little over a year since your firm waterproofing my very wet basement that I have lived with for over 38 years. I continue to be amazed that after every rain I still have not had one drop of water in the basement, yet I continue to check it after every storm. I suppose old habits are hard to break! I cannot begin to tell you what a relief it is in not having to deal with the mess and odor of a wet basement as well as the mental apprehension each time a bad storm is forecast.
As Hurricane Sandy was winding for her big blow, the signal from the battery back-up kept going off. I called and Dave came over almost immediately and we discovered, much to my embarrassment, that a contractor had unplugged the pump while he was working on my new stairs. Needless to say, one everything was back in working order the basement stayed dry! Thank you so much for giving me peace of mind-it’s a beautiful thing!"

-- Dulie Gray