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At Jamison Basement Waterproofing, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional basement waterproofing services to homeowners in Southeastern Pennsylvania since 1989.

Jamison Basement Waterproofing Services

  • Interior/Exterior Waterproofing Systems
  • Sump Pumps and Battery Back ups
  • Basement Egress Window Installations
  • Humidity and Wet Air Solutions
  • Crawl Space Solutions
  • Foundation Repair & Stabilization

Why Choose Jamison Basement Waterproofing?

Your Basement Is Our Passion

From consultation to completion, we take the extra time to make sure each job is done right, insuring your Basement will look great and function efficiently for years to come.

Quality & Trust

At Jamison Basement Waterproofing we take great pride in quality workmanship and customer focused service. We have been awarded multiple Houzz and Angie's list honors and encourage our customers to reference our testimonials.

Experience and Assurance

Family Owned and Operated for over 25 years – Our certified staff will exceed your expectations. As with all of the work we do, your family's comfort and safety are our highest priority.

 If you're looking for a foundation repair or basement waterproofing company in Oreland, PA, contact Jamison Basement Waterproofing today at 610-200-6858!

Customer Reviews from Oreland
Jennifer H. from Oreland , PA
5 Stars
Jul 24th, 2012
Local Business, very professional and the installation crew was very nice as well..
Lee D from Oreland , PA
5 Stars
May 29th, 2013
After comparing apples to apples from the price to the work to be preformed I had to go with Jamison . The installation crew made a dirty job look neat and clean they were very professional, excellent clean up !
Liddy W from Oreland , PA
5 Stars
Dec 1st, 2014
Local established company I liked Kevin when we met . He was very knowledgeable not pushy but knows his business . I was very satisfied.
Dulie G from Oreland , PA
5 Stars
May 21st, 2013
After 38years of having a wet Basement I can't believe these guys were able to fix the problem so quick and efficient. I cannot begin to tell you what a relief it is in not having to deal with the mess and odor of a wet basement.Thank you Jamison for giving me peace in mind !
Homer B from Oreland , PA
5 Stars
Mar 4th, 2014
After riding pass their office often I knew to give Jamison a call when I got water in my Basement . They were quick and efficient.
Completed Jobs from Oreland, PA
Egress escape window Egress window Installation
July 8, 2017
An Egress window is a required whenever your looking to finish your basement. Egress is another word for EXIT . By adding an Egress window to your home it gives you the peace in mind that if an emergency was to happen family members in the basement won't be trapped. Egress Windows must meet code requirements. Another benefit of adding an Egress window is the natural light that it lets into the basement area . You can also open the Egress exit to let fresh air in as well . So if your looking to finish your basement or already have a finish basement and you would like to bring it up to code . Please give us a call at Jamison Basement Waterproofing 215-884-7000
Grate Sump / Grate Drain / Full Vapor Barrier/ High volume dehumidifier Sara N
August 8, 2015
Once the system and gravel is placed, the area is sealed back up with cement. The idea behind this product is to catch any water and allow it to flow through the system before entering the basement. The water flows through the Grate Drain and then is led to a Grate sump pump. The sump pump then collects the water and pumps it away from the house through a discharge line. This innovated system allows the basement to stay dry. The homeowner also decided to install a high vole Dehumidifier. The homeowner had a musty odor every time she entered the basement. This system reduces moisture and eliminates mold and musty odor. The high efficient dehumidifier is #1 on the market of its kind . For All your basement waterproofing needs give us call at Jamison Basement Waterproofing !
Number 1 Dehumidifier on the market Robert N
September 2, 2017
Crawl Space encapsulation Dan U
July 14, 2017
We installed a full perimeter drainage system with Vapor Barrier on the walls to protect the Basement from any wall leaks a new air-tight Sump pump , full Crawlspace encapsulation to protect the building from moisture from the damp crawl space. The new homeowners will receive a level 4 Heavy Basement Certificate ! Which is transferable to the next homeowners if and when they decide to sell their home . If you have a wet Basement in Oreland PA please give us a call for a free estimate!
Before Grate Sump outlined Oreland Pa
May 3, 2017
Steve Custus went out to inspect the property and recommended a full perimeter (Closed ) Drainage system with a new Sump pump with battery back up to keep the basement dry all the Time ! We even prep the basement for its new radon system that will be tied into our Grate Drain Drainage system for maximum effectiveness . Since Jamison Basement Waterproofing offers a life-time warranty the homeowner now has peace in mind. The Foremen Dwight Custus & crew Waterproofed this entire basement in just two days . The homeowners was very impressed with how efficient and neat the installation crew was .
Testimonials from Oreland, PA
As Hurricane Sandy was winding for her big blow As Hurricane Sandy was winding for her big blow
It has been a little over a year since your firm waterproofing my very wet basement that I have lived with for over 38 years. I continue to be amazed that after every rain I still have not had one drop of water in the basement, yet I continue to check it
Jamison Basement Waterproofing - Another Happy Waterproofing Client Jamison Basement Waterproofing - Another Happy Waterproofing Client
Jamison Basement Waterproofing in Oreland, PA performed waterproofing services for this client.
Estimate Request from Oreland, PA
Bill H. on April 22, 2017 7:53:42am
Would like to get a quote for waterproofing basement.
Patrick R. on December 11, 2016 10:55:26pm
Hello, My name is Patrick Ridout and I would like to schedule a visit to get an estimate for an interior basement drain system replacement. I recently purchased the property. The address is: 319 Roesch Ave, Oreland PA 19075 Contact info: Phone: 215-884-1527 Email: Property information: Year built: 1985 Foundation type: Block Usage: Unfinished, utility, laundry, and storage only (will never be finished) Size: Full Basement: 18' x 30.5', Crawlspace capped with concrete: 11.5' x 30.5' Other: Bottom staircase landing sits close to wall and on top of part of current trench Summary: Basement currently has a "french drain" type drainage system of unknown construction but it has several issues: - The current sump pump is buried halfway in mud and inoperative. This will be replaced soon as an interim step. - The sump pit does not have a sealed top. - The current system has a gap between the slab and wall with visible gravel. - Weep holes are visible just below the gravel at floor level. That seems too high. - Concrete patching over gravel is thin and cracked in some places. - The air conditioner condensate drain is positioned to drain into the open gravel trench. This should be changed. - The sump pit is located about 1.5 feet in front of the electrical panel and the outflow pipe exits overtop and to the side of panel. I would like to move the pit and outflow pipe away from the electrical panel. - I cannot see any pipes entering the sump pit (unless they are buried under the mud) but there is evidence of water entering through holes in the pit sides. - After several hard rains water is entering the pit (thankfully no where else yet) but there seems to be a lot of sediment being brought in as well. Since the pump is not working it eventually evaporates or sinks back into the mud. - The outflow pipe currently empties into a underground pipe which the rain gutters connect to. With the age of the house and from speaking with neighbors I suspect the underground pipe may have collapsed as others in the neighborhood have reported (all houses built around the same time). The outflow should exit a different way. The home inspection found elevated levels of Radon which should be mitigated. With all of the open areas in the current system, these would have to be sealed to vent the Radon successfully so I would like to have a system that can use the drain as the Radon collection mechanism. This would be in conjunction with a consultation by a mitigation professional. I believe the "open" system is also causing a musty smell in the basement and possibly the house in general. Thank you for your time, Patrick Ridout
Dave R. on November 30, 2016 7:55:24pm
Good evening: My wife and I moved into a house here in Oreland about a year ago, and we have been dealing with some water in the basement since we moved in. We're not talking about inches of water during heavy rain storms (like the past two days for instance), but the basement floor is peeling. Which I assume is from water moisture. And, also, efflorescence is visible on the basement walls, which I assume is also due to moisture. I was hoping you guys could come out for an assessment and tell me your thoughts. Thank you for your help, and have a great night. Dave
Sammy J. on September 9, 2016 11:08:57am
Testing the email contact as if I am this person - Stephen Weihing