Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair in Jenkintown, PA

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At Jamison Basement Waterproofing, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional basement waterproofing services to homeowners in Southeastern Pennsylvania since 1989.

Jamison Basement Waterproofing Services

  • Interior/Exterior Waterproofing Systems
  • Sump Pumps and Battery Back ups
  • Basement Egress Window Installations
  • Humidity and Wet Air Solutions
  • Crawl Space Solutions
  • Foundation Repair & Stabilization

Why Choose Jamison Basement Waterproofing?

Your Basement Is Our Passion

From consultation to completion, we take the extra time to make sure each job is done right, insuring your Basement will look great and function efficiently for years to come.

Quality & Trust

At Jamison Basement Waterproofing we take great pride in quality workmanship and customer focused service. We have been awarded multiple Houzz and Angie's list honors and encourage our customers to reference our testimonials.

Experience and Assurance

Family Owned and Operated for over 25 years – Our certified staff will exceed your expectations. As with all of the work we do, your family's comfort and safety are our highest priority.

 If you're looking for a foundation repair or basement waterproofing company in Jenkintown, PA, contact Jamison Basement Waterproofing today at 610-200-6858!

Customer Reviews from Jenkintown
Sherry F from Jenkintown , PA
5 Stars
Oct 12th, 2017
I saw Jamison working in my area so I gave them a call to fix my high humidity problem in my basement. The installation crew was very polite , pleasant I was very satisfied...
Sharon J. from Jenkintown, PA
5 Stars
Sep 28th, 2017
I had a wonderful experience with working with Jamison Waterproofing. Steve Custus was very knowledgeable and transparent with solving my water issues through the sales process and follow up . Steve and the crew were very professional. Kevin Romans who was the Forman walked me through the steps they took along the way to ensure I understood the work they performed . I'm very pleased the work that has been done and highly recommend them for waterproofing needs.
Elizabeth S from Jenkintown , PA
5 Stars
Jun 10th, 2017
The project manager Steve was very knowledgeable & was responsive to follow up questions / clear estimate with specifics listed . I seen Jamison trucks all over my town . Foremen Kevin was meticulous in installation & preserved more of our yard than I expected. So mice I barely could tell were the work was done . They went above my expectations..
Joe M. from Jenkintown , PA
5 Stars
May 31st, 2013
I will highly recommend Jamison both crews Kevin & Anthony were Great professional & nice . Great Job Thank You !
Jerry Z. from Jenkintown, PA
5 Stars
Sep 26th, 2011
They price was very competitive & work man ship was good !
Completed Jobs from Jenkintown, PA
Damp Crawlspace Sharon J
September 22, 2017
We provided her with a level 3 Healthy Crawlspace Certificate. This consisted of us cleaning out the crawlspace/ treating for mold , then we installed a GrateSump 1/3hp primary pump system. We also encapsulated the crawlspace with DimpleShield drainage matting with the 16mill CrawlShield crawlspace liner on top. This will seal back any moisture coming up from the floor and drain any water that enters the space over to the pump system. Once the job was complete we installed a Santa Fe Advance 2 crawlspace dehumidifier in order to keep the humidity in the crawlspace and basement under control. We also installed a partial (Closed) drainage system along the front wall of the home to catch any ground water from the front of the home and channel it to the Grate Sump .
Damp dirt Crawlspace very unhealthy environment Nick A
September 9, 2017
When certified Crawlspace specialist Steve Custus went out to meet with the homeowners he found a very unhealthy environment right under the homeowners living space. After Steve explained the stack effect and how air flows up ward in a home like a chimney it was a no brainer to get the issue fixed asap . The solution we provided was a full Crawlspace (Closed) encapsulation system, with mold remediation and spray foam insulation to cut down on energy lost . Now the homeowners dampsmell went away and gained useable space..
Dee B
June 12, 2017
2 Catch Basins with fresh concrete Elizabeth S
June 8, 2017
We provided the Homeowners with a solution to solve their backyard flooding issues with an exterior drainage system. It was complete with two catch Basins at the low points of the yard that will channel the water downhill to the side of the yard away from the home. Foremen : Kevin took his time and made sure he flood tested the drains before concreting the catch Basin. Jamison Basement Waterproofing has been drying Basement in Jenkintown since 1989
Egress after with drain & Thermal shield wall system Rebecca & Andrew B
November 23, 2016
Project Manager Steve went out to meet with the Beavers and from the start he know that they were very concern with the air quality of the basement. Mrs Beaver told Steve every time she goes into the basement she starts to feel sick . So after taking in all the information Steve explain to them how important a closed Basement Waterproofing system was in the importance of it to their health. So we provided them with a full perimeter closed drainage system with two Grate-sumps and full thermal shield Vapor Barrier to protect against wall leaks and reflects heat back into the basement. We also replaced 5 windows with new glass block Windows and a high efficient basement dehumidifier to control moisture. Also because the Beavers are finishing the basement we installed a new egress escape window for a secondary exit and case of an emergency. Now the basement is dry as a bone and is starting to get refinished !!
Estimate Request from Jenkintown, PA
Andrew B. on September 24, 2016 7:32:15am
Please call regarding basement waterproofing/mold remediation. Would appreciate evaluation today. Thank you