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Kevin H
Springfield, PA
January 11, 2018
Project Manager Steven Custus went out to meet with the contractor and after his basement inspection Steve recommended the GrateSump which is design to remove water from underneath the basement floor , because the only area that was experiencing ground water seepage was only around the chimney area we installed our patented GrateTrench to channel any water that may come from the chimney clean out to the GrateSump . This repair offers a lifetime warranty that will be transferable to the new homeowners. Now the client can relist this home on the market without fear losing a deal because of an wet basement. Thanks to Jamison Basement Waterproofing! Project Manager: Steve C Crew Foreman: Khain C
Scott L
Wallingford, PA
January 11, 2018
Project Manager Steve Custus went out to meet with the homeowners and after discussing how the stack effect works , and how the crawlspace should be treated as a condition basement , by heating , cooled and even dehumidified and closed off . Steve recommended the homeowner treat this area under his home just as he would treat a nice finish basement. So the homeowners agreed to close the open vents to the outside and while we was there we replaced the clog dryer vent as well ....
David S
Newtown, PA
January 3, 2018
Jamison Basement Waterproofing Project Manager Steven Custus went out to meet with the new homeowners. Steve recommended a full perimeter drainage system known to most homeowners as a (French drain ) our version is called #GrateDrain the Grate drainage perimeter drainage system is the most efficient drainage system o the market, with inspection ports in every corner it makes for easy inspection in maintenance if need be . The GrateDrain (Closed) drainage system will drain the water from below the basement floor to the GrateSump , the GrateSump with an 1/2hp pump can remove up to 3,400 gallons of water per hour from the basement. We installed 3 GrateSumps because of the high volume of water this home was taking on . Now after just two days this homeowner finally has a dry basement. Jamison has been drying wet basements since 1989
Bill C
Ambler, PA
December 29, 2017
Project Manager Steve Custus inspected the basement and determined that water was coming into the basement through the concrete floor at the floor wall joint where 90 % of basement leaks . It was also determined that water was entering the basement through the basement entry way doors . Jamison Basement Waterproofing installed a full perimeter GrateDrain drainage system which drains any incoming water to the existing sump pump, keeping it out of the basement. The Grate Drain Sub floor drainage system is the only closed drainage system on the market , promoting a healthy home . Now the homeowners have a lifetime warranty that’s transferable to the next homeowners thanks to Jamison Basement Waterproofing. Project Manager Steven Custus Crew Foreman Dwight Custus
Kevin G
Flourtown, PA
December 27, 2017
Jamison Basement Waterproofing fixed this crawl space by installing crawl Shield moisture vapor barrier on the walls and floors which is used to isolate the crawl space from the earth. The CrawlSheild crawl space encapsulation system also prevents moisture vapor from entering the home. To keep this homeowner's crawlspace floor free from odors and mold, drainage matting was placed underneath the vapor barrier, this pvc matting also makes the crawl shield liner more durable. To help seal out cold air from the crawl space we sprayed close cell spray foam insulation in the pockets of the rim joist . We also closed the 4 open vents to prevent cold and warm air from entering the space . Now the homeowner has a dry useable space that before we fix the crawlspace he wouldn’t even go down their. Project Manager Steve C Crew Foreman Dwight C
John H
Ambler, PA
December 26, 2017
Project Manager Steve C recommended a doorway entry drain that will drain water from the leaky bilco door area into the GrateDrain drainage system that will channel the water to the Grate Sump . The Grate Sump will than pump the ground water 15th away from the home all while keeping the basement dry . Now the homeowners can refinish the basement without fear of the basement flooding do to ground water seepage .. Project Manager Steve C Project Foreman Dwight C
Michelle W
Yardley, PA
December 21, 2017
Sam & Gail
Abington, PA
December 21, 2017
Project manger Steve Custus went out to meet with the homeowner and after a full basement inspection, Steve recommended a Sub-floor Closed drainage system ( Grate -Drain ) that will channel any ground water seepage to the new Grate Sump . The Grate Sump will remove the water from the basement and discharge to the rare of the back yard . The Basement professional also recommended replacing the homeowners existing open Sump pump with a new closed Sump pit with an built in pump stand to keep the pump from sitting in any debris . The closed Sump pit ‘( Grate Sump ‘ ) will also reduce the humidity in the basement . Now the homeowners finally have a dry basement. Project : manager Steve C Senior Foreman ; Dwight C
Keith S
Royersford, PA
December 15, 2017
Project Manager Steve Custus went out to meet with the homeowners and on the revisit Steve noticed the homeowners removed the crawlspace floor that water was flowing in under the foundation and it need to be underpinned ASAP to prevent future foundation damage . Next Steve recommended a drainage around the perimeter of the crawlspace that will drain any ground water to the new Grate Sump . After the Waterproofing and fundation work is completed we encapsulated the entire area . Now the homeowners just gained around 500sq of storage space in their home . Project Manager :Steve C Foreman :Dwight C
Jeff K
Limerick, PA
December 13, 2017

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